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COVID 19 failures

COVID 19 failures

I’m writing this message because I know that some of my close friends and family will go and meet other people this weekend. They have complete and total ignorant disregard for everyone else. Their selfishness will expose and risk so many others to infection and probable death. All because they “want” something that is so unnecessary and irrelevant.
I sit on this fence: do I dob them in?
I will.
The selfish and ignorant acts of a few will compromise the many. It could lead to death among the weak and infirm and loved. One person outside the “zone”, the quarantine zone, will bring in death.
Those that self-quarantine deserve medals. Many. I treat myself like I have the virus, even though I don’t. That is called being responsible.
You don’t need to see or meet other people. Not now. Not ever.

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