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COVID 19 failures

COVID-19-failures blog
COVID 19 failures I’m writing this message because I know that some of my close friends and family will go and meet other people this weekend. They have complete and total ignorant disregard for everyone else. Their selfishness will expose and risk so many others to infection and probable death. All because they “want” something
West Australia is once again living up to its laughable ‘WA’ acronym, only this time, we should be least proud of our ‘wait awhile’ mentality.   By present reckonings, WA will have an exponential growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases.   In three weeks from now, just in time for Easter, our confirmed cases will be
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This is whey we should be infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. When Mother Earth, in her great purity, decides to purge and cleanse the planet, she is unforgiving. No council or senate or parliament stands in her way. There is no snap of an admonishing finger or stab towards the one-way, permanent door. Your exit


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