WA Should Stand for “We Acted” not “Wait Awhile!”

West Australia is once again living up to its laughable ‘WA’ acronym, only this time, we should be least proud of our ‘wait awhile’ mentality.


By present reckonings, WA will have an exponential growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases.


In three weeks from now, just in time for Easter, our confirmed cases will be 12 times higher than today. That’s right: in 21 days. Just in time to unleash our young back into domesticity with unparalleled risk to elderly and infirm members.


Sadly, these are the demographic most at risk of death. Truthfully, many will lose loved ones.


Coronavirus COVID 19 National database figures


The actions that are being employed by fellow states (NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS) are bold, though one could say somewhat late. But at least they are designed to cut off the dragon’s head, despite the relentless carnage and doom it leaves in its wake.


WA has the benefit of foresight. It has empirical data. The trend is undeniable and not just in WA but across the entire country. So what do we do in West Australia? We sit on the fence. Watching. Waiting. Mumbling.


It is like watching criminal negligence…..by the minute.


It is irrefutable that the number of confirmed cases in Australia doubles every 3-4 days.


The time is now. Not tomorrow. WA should stand for “We Acted!”


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