Why we should all want to be infected by the
COVID-19 Coronavirus

It makes us stronger when we panic!

When Mother Earth, in her great purity, decides to purge and cleanse the planet, she is unforgiving. No council or senate or parliament seat stands in her voracious way.

There is no snap of an admonishing finger. No stab towards the one-way, permanent door where heaven, or may be hell....and definitely silence exists.

Your exit will not be by human design. It never was a popularity vote. You simply lost the game.

To the contrary, your departure was a cold, uncalculated, unmerciful reality of human selection. When your time came up, you had to go. You didn't even have time to punch the final ticket. You just lost the game: the “survival of the fittest”.

You were the weakest player. Good bye!

But your exit was not about failure. And this is where it gets interesting. In fact, you never left the game, ever. You became part of the process.

What you did on earth was to encode the future generations for survival. It was about learning. Just like the coronavirus. The dreaded COVID-19.

And this is where I stand.

The strong will prevail. Our bodies are infinitely more complex than a $40 billion close-down, red zone response. We need the virus to taint and get us. Just like the flu does every year. Why? Because the vast majority of the healthy, the strongest bodies, will actually battle and win easily. They will become soldiers. They will build up immunity. And this genetic sequence will be passed on to others. For generations to come.

The coronavirus sits across the hall watching and stalking you. It is not a friend. It wants to kill you. To garotte you in your sleep. To sever your jugular vein. It will mutate, change and constantly battle everything you do. It is like watching a real, living version of Predator. Constantly attacking. To survive.

It is the master of adaption, stealthily amoebic, shrewd and ever-thinking and changing.

The coronavirus is nothing new. It is just a horrible mutation of a well-known family,  where cousins bore such alpha or numeric tags like SARS, or H1N1 flu.

Viruses are very good at jumping from one species to another. It is highly probable that COVID-19 jumped from bats, to pangolins to humans.

The battle will not be won with Detol wipes. But it will be earned through genetics, just as it always has been done on Earth. The last body standing is the one that adapted and fought the hardest. To the bitter end. With guile and probably deceit.

Man and virus will always be the greatest of enemies. Their missions are the same: to wipe each other out.



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